Will we ever say “That’s enough”?

No I’m not talking about the desire for more in general. Specifically I’m talking about if there is ever a point in our lives where technology has evolved so much and become so advanced that we are satisfied with the progress and stop wanting more power, more flexibility, more convenience, and more technology?

I was watching ColdFusion (go and check it out on YouTube if you haven’t heard of them. They are amazing) out of sheer boredom, and came across a video where they discussed the “next big thing” in technology. Some say it’s augmented reality, some say it’s artificial intelligence, some say it’s wearables, and some say it’s going to be something completely different that comes out of nowhere. Maybe. However, imagine this situation. Right now you have a desktop computer because your laptop can’t play games that well. You have a laptop because your iPads don’t run full-fledged apps yet. You have an iPad because the screen real estate on your phone is dismal. You have a phone because your smart watch does nothing useful, and you have a smart watch because you just want to look cool. What if one day, your smart watch is as powerful as today’s supercomputer? Would you be satisfied then? I argue, probably not.

This isn’t a preposterous proposition. It’s happened before, and it is happening right now. I still remember when I was young, we used dial-up on a 56K modem and accessing internet was amazing and nobody had a WiFi router. I thought to myself downloading a 12MB video clip, if I could download this under a minute in the future I’d be the happiest person on earth. Here I am sitting now, able to download it in a second, and thinking “Oh come on! Hurry up!”

I haven’t done much research, but I am almost certain that an Apple Watch, even the original one, is much much much more powerful than the supercomputer we had when we shot people onto the moon. What does all the computational power do now? It tells the time. What I’m getting at, is that as technology evolves, as they get more and more powerful, the need for more power also gets higher. Supply and demand. However, in the technology field, the demand gets higher as the supply gets higher. There will always be something that you want to do, but can’t. Right now, I want to be able to play games at ultra settings on 3 4K displays. If you asked me 6 years ago if I wanted to play games at a resolution of 11,520 x 2,160, I’d say you were mad. Similarly, in 10 years time, playing games at 8K resolution might be primal.

If a magical smart watch appeared today, which you can wirelessly connect accessories to in order to convert it to a computer, and is more powerful than anything you have ever imagined, I’d give it 3, maybe 4 days before you get bored of it and want to do more than it’s capable.

“What do you mean it can’t create a virtual planet where I can control everything and people in it believe that they are living in the real world?!”

“It’s the size of a 50c coin.”

Still. I’m looking forward to the day where we can upload our consciousness into a supercomputer and live forever young in eternal happiness and joy.

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